About Our Company

Dadson has been flourishing as a trusted name in the global rubber industry. We have strong distribution network and logistics support.

For over 25 years, Dadsons has provided rubber parts for the Hydraulics, Agriculture, Appliance, Automotive, Chemical Processing, Electronics, Fluid Power, Food & Beverages, Printing Industries, Telecommunications, and Pharmaceutical, Defense, Railways, Municipalities and other commercial industries.

Our experienced staff constantly examines the production processes to ensure the most economical manufacturing. We specialize in innovations designed to reduce the cost and lead times of yours parts. Our staff has unparalleled problems, solving ability, in fact, “ Your problem is an opportunity to prove our talents”.

Dadson’s takes pride in producing the highest quality parts with on time delivery. Close tolerance work is an everyday routine. Stringent quality control tests and inspection procedures are used throughout production to ensure the highest standard of quality in every product. These procedures meet industry standards and requirements of ISO 9001-2008.


To develop competency to be an Top 25 preferred supplier for Low Pressure Hoses, Silicone Hoses & Engine Mounting.

To cultivate as a learning Organization.

To measure satisfaction in Customer terms.

To aim customers delight by his exceeding his expectations through an exceptional blend of quality cost and delivary of our products and services that we provide.